On Mother’s Day McDonald’s wanted to do something special for mom. So here’s a tribute to her food.

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Dear mom,

Everyday we do our best, but we could never take first place. No matter how many items we bundle into a menu, it will never size up to your meatballs. We try with extra beef and whole grain buns, but nothing beats your roast.

Not to mention your gravy. Not Sauce. Every day we work hard in the kitchen, but no matter how crispy our fries are, no matter how many patties we use, no matter how crunchy our McNuggets are, your food will always be number one.

But we also know you have other things to do. Therefore, we consider it our foremost duty to be there, when your food is not. When the clock strikes 3am, and a late hunger needs to be satisfied. A random Wednesday night, when your lasagna left a whole in the freezer. Or Sunday at 3pm, when bacon is the only thing that’ll do.

Dear mom, we are not trying to take your place.

No one ever could.

Art Directed by: Rasmus Gottliebsen




Of course McDonald’s celebrates Father’s Day. We did it on Facebook with a tribute to Dad.


Text: Dear Dad

Every time we see you, you are in the process of making the perfect parallel parking, or stopped with the ideal distance to the credit card machine in our Drive Thru.

Whether it is rain or sleet, it is always you who picks up the food at our restaurants. Even though it’s not your turn to cook. When the family comes to visit it is always you with the paternal glance. You collect orders, carry trays and makes sure all the menus are properly distributed.

We would love to see more of you, even it’s just for a cup of coffee.

Dear Dad, you probably don’t know, because you’re busy being Dad, but today is your day.

Happy Father’s Day


Art Directed by: Kasper Dohlmann




In Denmark we have whole day dedicated to the release of Tuborg’s christmas beer called “Juleøl”. That day is called J-Day.


Text: Happy J-Day. See you tomorrow.

Art Directed by: Rasmus Gottliebsen




McDonald’s wanted to remind people that they are there, when they need it the most. January 1st.


Text: Same procedure as every year. See you January 1st.

Art Directed by: Rasmus Gottliebsen




A metro poster made to draw attention to the newly opened McDonald’s on Kgs. Nytorv. It’s written backwards, because people had to walk backwards up the escalator to reach McDonald’s.


Picked up by Danish poet and literary critic Lars Bukdahl, who reviewed it on his blog. He said it was “two degrees more advanced than a legendary poem by Per Højholt”, ending with: “Avantgarde respect, capitalist pig”. Proud moment indeed.

Text: .Nytorv Kgs. on McDonald’s new the visit to escalator the up backwards Walk

Art Directed by: Rasmus Gottliebsen




McDonald’s Facebook post for Valentine’s Day.


Text: Manflowers

Art Directed by: Kasper Dohlmann




McDonald’s Facebook post for Father’s Day.


Text: Happy Father’s Day. We always have gift boxes.

Art Directed by: Rasmus Gottliebsen